Voice messages to boost vocabulary and refine pronunciation

Voice messages to boost vocabulary and refine pronunciation

I recently described how to use Google Translate History to help yourself “catch” unfamiliar vocabulary during a live conversation. Either these are words/phrases that you can’t remember when constructing sentences, or the ones that your conversation partner utters. Anyway, remembering them after a conversation it is usually not easy. Still to recollect them would be very helpful. In this case you can at least review them to reduce the chance of forgetting them, or at most, add them (or maybe just the most important ones) to your spaced repetition system so you can remember them really well.

As I told before, this is Google Translate History, which could be used to solve this. You just need to acquire a habit to look up unfamiliar lexis through Google Translate during the conversation.

But how to tackle thу similar issue in terms of remote communication? I mean when you speaking over messengers like Whataspp or Telegram. One of the approaches I really like is to get used to sending voice messages. I mean the ones that you just send as a recording and your partner can listen to them when they have time.

The trick is that even if you forget a word or phrase while dictating a voice message, you can just keep talking. And after the recording is over (when the message has been sent), just listen to your message again. This way, you can easily find the places where you failed to come up with the correct wording because of some lexical gaps.

By the way, this approach is useful not only for quick vocabulary acquisition. There is another unobvious advantage. Namely, listening to yourself, you can catch flaws in your pronunciation and work on improving them in the future.

I hope this approach will help you to boost your vocabulary as fast as possible! Also join my channel where I share lifehacks on frictionless language learning😜.

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