How Telegram can boost your vocabulary in a matter of months

How Telegram can boost your vocabulary in a matter of months

So, how can Telegram assist you in enhancing your vocabulary in a new language? Well, one of the most beneficial features for language learners is what they call ‘spoilers.’ A spoiler enables you to hide specific parts of text within your message. To reveal the hidden text, simply click on the spoiler.

But what does this have to do with language learning? Well, spoilers can actually assist you in transforming any of your own messages into a vocabulary exercise. This functionality applies to any message you send to any chat or channel. And there is a solid science evidence, that self-reviewing significantly contributes to long-term memorization.

Therefore, Telegram itself offers a fantastic opportunity to rapidly enhance your vocabulary within a few months. What’s even more crucial is that you can accomplish this in a remarkably natural manner, simply by conversing with your friends on the messenger or by storing daily notes in your personal chat or channel.

Now, let’s delve into how this works in practice. To achieve a substantial boost in vocabulary, all you need to do is adopt two simple habits. The first habit is to transform new words or phrases into spoilers (which are basically exercises). The second habit is to consistently review yourself, assessing your progress in memorizing the vocabulary contained in your previously created spoilers.

Habit #1: Creating spoilers (=creating exercises)

Let’s say you are learning German (as I am doing it at the moment). In this case you probably have several friends, with whom you chat in German through Telegram. Most likely you periodically come across new unknown words (especially if your level is not so high, somewhere between A1 and B1). It’s not a problem since you can find them in Google Translate (or DeepL, or wherever) before sending. Or you can even craft your message first right in Google Translate (what is even better practice).

So when your message in German is ready, right in the moment before clicking Telegram sending button, just take a moment and turn new words or phrases, which you want to memorize, into spoilers. To create a spoiler – select particular piece of message and use Telegram context menu or Ctrl+Shift+P shortcut.

If you still haven’t found people to chat in new language, you can create your own Telegram channel (which you will use just for private purposes) and drop there sentences with new words/phrases you encounter on a daily basis. In this case you can similarly turn unknown vocabulary into spoilers before sending. I mostly use my private channel for learning grammar. For instance that is how I currently learn German declensions:

Just several lifehacks from my personal experience:

a. If the word meaning cannot be unambiguously understood from the context – you can add its translation or another tips in parenthesis nearby.

b. For words having multiple synonyms, it is better to leave several first letters opened. Thus you will help yourself define, which exactly synonym you are trying to recall.

Habit #2: Reviewing yourself

It is even more easier. If you have ever used Duolingo or similar tools – most probably you have already acquired a good habit to exercise in a public transport or anywhere waiting for some appointment.

Here is the same principal. When you have some free time, instead of being bored just open your Telegram chats (or your personal channel) with last spoilers and quiz yourself for vocabulary added during last days. For each sentence with spoiler try first to recall hidden part, and then just open it to check yourself. Despite of the recall success – just proceed to next sentences.

According to the science evidence most of know knowledge is forgotten during the first days after you learned it. That’s why it is so useful.

I hope this approach will help you to boost your vocabulary as fast as possible! Also join my channel where I share lifehacks on frictionless language learning😜.

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