“In Vivo” language learning

“In Vivo” language learning

Maybe you ve met “In Vivo” concept from microbiology. If not here is short term explanation from Wikipedia which is enough to understand the following ideas:

In microbiology, in vivo is often used to refer to experimentation done in a whole organism, rather than in live isolated cells

So what I call “In Vivo” language learning. It is about mastering a new language as naturally as possible. Simply put – when you absorb a new language, just while accomplishing daily tasks. Ideally, when it happens unconsciously, as a background process.

Not to be confused with something like, for instance – listening to podcasts in new language while jogging (although, it’s also useful). The point is little bit different. Interacting with a new language is becoming an integral part of life’s routines. For example, when I write a message to my new friend from Germany, I do it immediately in German. In this way, I am fulfilling my need to communicate, but I am also expanding my German vocabulary and practicing the correct use of grammar.

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